How to Mix Things Up

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are constantly harvesting your data in the name of improving their offerings. But did you know that, if you use their services frequently, they are also likely performing experiments on you? It’s all part of smart experimentation in the age of Big Data. Companies in the 21st century have learned […]

What Makes a Product Successful?

Most businesses begin with ideas about products and services. But often, during the development process, too much emphasis is placed on product features.  The product is important, of course. But it should always be secondary to your business objectives.  With the right objectives in place, the product team will have its marching orders. They will […]

The Golden Age of Banking

Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant. Dwyane Wade. The world-renowned trainer Tim Grover has examined some of his most fascinating experiences with NBA superstars, and distilled the wisdom we need to rise to greatness. These days, financial power is widely distributed among American, European, and Japanese corporations. But much of this complex global system can be traced […]

To Get Rich, Start Today

No excuses. To get rich, you must start today. The most common reason people give for not getting rich is their age. Young people worry about their lack of experience and capital. Older people worry about risking what they’ve already achieved, including their established reputations and security. Whatever stage of life you’re in, there will […]

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