How to Use Debt

Did you know that debt can be preferable to savings? The key is to use debt to invest in assets. This method can earn you more money in the long run than compounded interest because of the potential for big returns on investment and tax breaks. Real estate, for example, is a great asset class. […]

Should You Quit Your Job?

Each day seems longer than the one that came before. You drag yourself to work and spend every hour watching the clock. Somehow every email, project, and meeting seems more boring than the last. When the day’s finally done, there are a few hours of relief until the dread sets in with the knowledge that […]

Try this Explosive Success Hack

Booming businesses that may seem like explosive overnight success stories are often the product of careful planning and experimentation behind the scenes. Tweaking old products or introducing new ones, then assessing if they fit fast-changing markets, is essential to keeping customers and maximizing profits.  Growth hacking is a core business practice for businesses today because […]

How to Clean Up at the Casino

Of all the different casino games, blackjack gives you the best odds against the house. But most players tend to overestimate their skills. Maybe they know the correct strategies in theory, but they end up relying on unreliable hunches.  A quirk of human nature is that we tend to focus more on our wins than […]

Why Success = Information

You’ve heard the adage to learn from your mistakes. But it’s equally important to learn from your successes, both personally and as a leader. You can get a lot of useful information from achievements and high-performing workers—and analyzing it can be instructive and motivating, for you and others. This principle is important to remember during […]

How to Engage Hyperfocus Mode

Forty seconds. That’s how long most people can work on a computer before they are distracted or interrupted. That’s not enough time to get your work done, obviously, so the question becomes: how can you focus better? Productivity expert Chris Bailey says that we can engage hyperfocus, a mode in which we focus on a […]

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