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Are You Setting the Wrong Goals?

Most of us spend our lives comparing ourselves to other people. As kids, we’re taught to evaluate ourselves in terms of benchmarks like grades and scores. These ideals are set by the educational system, not kids or parents. Over time, this mindset leads us to embrace society’s definitions of success—money, popularity, or even social media […]

Stabilize Your Mood With Food

Depression and mood swings are among the most common mental health problems. Medical researcher Neal Barnard has a straightforward suggestion: try cutting back on animal products like meat and dairy to boost your mood. Anyone who’s experienced a sugar high (or the inevitable crash that follows) knows that food can influence our mood. But the […]

How to Age Backwards

Weakness. Sore joints. Poor balance. These are all physical problems that we associate with aging.  But health issues aren’t inevitable. Often, they come down to lifestyle choices, which are largely under your control.  Every action you take, every morsel you consume, and all of your thoughts and feelings have incredible power to alter your brain […]

Canines in Combat

They’ve crept through the remote caves of Afghanistan and fought in active war zones all over the world. The US Navy’s canine workers are some of the military’s best protectors—and weapons.    Highly trained dogs have been especially important in covert operations with Navy SEALs. Dogs can sniff out improvised explosive devices and other bombs. They […]

What Makes a Product Successful?

Most businesses begin with ideas about products and services. But often, during the development process, too much emphasis is placed on product features.  The product is important, of course. But it should always be secondary to your business objectives.  With the right objectives in place, the product team will have its marching orders. They will […]

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