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Free Advice From a Billionaire

As the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett has amassed billions of dollars in wealth. An outspoken critic of conventional wisdom about investing, Buffett has developed his own investment philosophy. Here are two top insights from THE ESSAYS OF WARREN BUFFETT. Key Insight 1: Stocks should be purchased with the intention to hold them indefinitely. Investors […]

Shorten Your Workday

What if you could take most afternoons off? Or work just three days a week? According to the Harvard Business School lecturer Robert Pozen, the standard eight-hour day is needlessly long for most jobs. By identifying priorities and rethinking your task list, you can cut your hours—or at least stop taking work home. Start your time-management […]

Don’t Hold Yourself Back

The self-improvement industry is booming. After all, who wouldn’t want to learn and grow—and hopefully become more successful along the way? The problem is that, all too often, people impose limitations on themselves without realizing it. Uncover whatever’s holding you back and break through those barriers with our new Instaread Original, on cultivating a GROWTH MINDSET.

How to Boost Engagement

Have you ever wished for extra hours in the day? Time management and wishful thinking aren’t the best areas in which to invest your attention. The secret to getting things done is to cultivate and manage your energy levels—and the best way to do that is to fully engage with each task, then take a break. Tap […]

A Quick Guide to Biohacking

More and more people are trying it. Biohacking is the art and science of personal experimentation designed to get the body in peak condition. Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Asprey walks through the basics of how to optimize your health by combining self-monitoring with health screenings and tweaks to diet and exercise. Get started today with […]

Should You Stop Drinking?

Allen Carr was an addiction treatment specialist with a groundbreaking point of view: abstaining from alcohol doesn’t have to be hard. According to Carr’s pioneering program, quitters only need to unlearn common messages about the benefits of drinking. Here are two top insights from THE EASY WAY TO CONTROL ALCOHOL. Key Insight 1: There are no […]

Don’t Get Tongue-Tied

Salespeople know a lot about making effective presentations. But when it’s time to close the deal, many falter with a weak finish. (“Well, what do you think?”) Subtle turns of phrase can make or break these conversations, especially when money is on the line. Learn how to say the right thing at the right time […]

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