The science of awe

When was the last time you experienced a real sense of wonder or awe? Psychology professor Dacher Keltner believes that awe is the key to living a fulfilling, happy life. Even simple experiences like looking at the stars can increase your sense of wellbeing as well as reduce chronic inflammation and diseases. Here’s an easy idea […]

You were born to fail

As a cop, Secret Service agent, politician, television show host, and podcaster, Dan Bongino has failed his way through a lot of high-profile jobs. In fact, he believes that learning from those failures is what gave his career real momentum. His new memoir explores the alchemy of transforming mistakes into gold. Failing Is Teamwork You might […]

How to relax

Finding the mythical work-life balance is something that most of us struggle with. In our off hours and on the weekend, it’s tempting to sleep in, doomscroll, or binge Netflix. But there is more than one kind of free time—and chances are you’re coming up short in at least one area. Optimize Your Time Off […]

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