9 steps to financial freedom

What’s your magic number? The best financial goal is to reach a point where you have enough money to live a peaceful and joyful life, instead of perpetually working to earn more. Our latest Instaread breaks down financial freedom into a nine-step program to save money with the aim of retiring early. Step 1: Analyze the […]

How to change minds

Fun fact: in the 1100s, most people believed that barnacle geese grew on trees. They never saw bird’s eggs because of migration, which was an unknown concept at the time. The myth persisted for nearly 500 years, when explorers finally found nesting sites. People Have Always Had Weird Beliefs A lot of commentators blame politics […]

Embrace the suck

“Embrace the suck.” If you’re not in the military, you may have never heard the expression. But you probably grasp its meaning: that leaning in to tough times can make you stronger. Life is like weightlifting in that sense. When you endure strain, you grow stronger. Stretch Goals You can train your mind to take […]

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

As bosses, consultants, parents, and friends, we often find ourselves in the position to coach other people. In our latest Instaread, Marion Franklin, a certified professional life coach, runs through how to avoid common mistakes, stay focused on the person you’re coaching, ask great questions, and challenge common beliefs and ideas.  How to Course Correct A […]

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