How to close a deal

Good salespeople are trained, not born. In Secrets of a Master Closer, sales expert and entrepreneur Mike Kaplan provides valuable advice about how to make a sale in today’s world. Our latest Instaread takes a closer look. Yes, Yes, Yes You can pave the way to closing a sale with something called a Yes-Pattern. The Yes-Pattern […]

Who Runs The World?

Did you know a small group of business firms control the flow of natural resources around the globe? They’re called commodity traders, and they impact nearly ever aspect of our daily lives. Our latest Instaread offers a gripping account of key players, deals, and scandals that have shaped this enormously lucrative industry. Money & Power […]

They’re Definitely Out To Get You

If you’re a small investor, the stock market is rigged against you. If that sounds like a conspiracy, that’s because it is one: the system was built for market insiders who know how to manipulate it. As the foremost chronicler of how regular Americans keep getting #!*&%ed by Wall Street, Michael Lewis tells the captivating […]

Think Like a Customer

Your product or service is awesome. You know that. But do they know that? You need to learn how to communicate the value of what you’re offering to customers in terms that make sense to people who don’t know the product inside and out like you do. Translating “Attributes” into Benefits With physical products, features are a […]

How To Sell Out

In business, there are two basic functions: making things and selling them. Being exceptional at the first does not necessarily guarantee success with the second. A lot of people with great products need to get better at pitching them. That’s where our latest Instaread comes in. The 3-Step Sales Cycle You can break down sales […]

Create. Develop. Dominate.

When you build a brand that’s synonymous for an entire product group, you become what’s known as a category king. For long-term success in the 21st century economy, you need to develop and dominate new product and service categories. The emerging field of category design can help you do it.  The Second-Place Advantage Category design […]

Choose Your Fighters

Building a great team is hard enough. But leaders also have to make sure that different teams within a given organization work well together. How can we guide interactions between teams to support a range of projects and goals? That’s the power of organizational design. One Team at a Time In software development, five to […]

Be A Better Manager

Do you have your eye on a management role, or have you just started a new position? Our latest release, The First-Time Manager, provides practical advice on meeting every challenge and staying calm in stressful situations. It starts with managing the most important person of all: yourself. Four Tips for Managing Your Time 1. Begin the […]

Exceed Their Expectations

At Eleven Madison Park, a restaurant in New York City, there’s a special hospitality team that brainstorms ways to make guests’ experiences extra special with thoughtful gestures and customized gifts. While there is no traditional return on investment, the word-of-mouth advertising is priceless. Our Instaread on Unreasonable Hospitality breaks down this powerful strategy. Relationships, Not Customers Opportunities […]

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