How to build business fast

The heart of any successful business is its marketing, not the quality of its product or service. A solid selling system is critical, but too many companies make it an afterthought. Our latest Instaread runs through a number of highly effective strategies for making sales the cornerstone of your money-making success. Educate the Customer One […]

Why your work should come second

Leisure time used to be a sign of status. But somewhere along the way, workers — especially Americans — started measuring success by investing more and more hours for more income. Research suggests that working less actually boosts productivity and creativity. How can we cut back? Work Less, Live More Josh Epperson is a 38-year-old […]

The real Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort spent almost two years in prison for securities fraud and money laundering before he wrote the bestselling memoir that became The Wolf of Wall Street, the 2007 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Now he’s an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker who has consulted for more than 50 public companies. Our latest Instaread examines his sales secrets. […]

Flexible ways to make more money

You don’t need an innovative, paradigm-shifting business idea to be successful. You can start small and find business everywhere. It’s called a side hustle, and our latest Instaread will teach you how to build one. Fringe Benefits  There’s one obvious reason to take on a side hustle: money. But there are other mental, emotional, and […]

The business brawl of the century

When it was built in the 1960s, Caesars Palace was designed to be one of the most opulent hotels in Las Vegas. But after the financial crisis of 2008, the whole operation—which investors had assumed was impervious to swings in the economy—was in dire financial straits. By 2012, the possibility of bankruptcy was growing by […]

How to close a deal

Good salespeople are trained, not born. In Secrets of a Master Closer, sales expert and entrepreneur Mike Kaplan provides valuable advice about how to make a sale in today’s world. Our latest Instaread takes a closer look. Yes, Yes, Yes You can pave the way to closing a sale with something called a Yes-Pattern. The Yes-Pattern […]

Who Runs The World?

Did you know a small group of business firms control the flow of natural resources around the globe? They’re called commodity traders, and they impact nearly ever aspect of our daily lives. Our latest Instaread offers a gripping account of key players, deals, and scandals that have shaped this enormously lucrative industry. Money & Power […]

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