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Wisdom for the Masses

We often think of deep wisdom as belonging to the select few—philosophers, religious leaders, and other learned teachers. But what if your spiritual mentor were just a regular guy who you met at the gas station? (Or better yet, what if the wisest person you knew was you?) Learn how anyone can seek and find enlightenment with our new […]

Who is Michael Bloomberg?

Michael Bloomberg was not part of the Democratic debate on Thursday night. But his campaign, only a few weeks old, has already made a splash by committing to spending hundreds of millions on a two-pronged approach to 2020, with about half the money going to anti-Trump and voter registration ads. Our latest Instaread original takes a […]

Dangerous Games

Neil Strauss was unlucky in love until he joined a community of men who treated sex and dating like a game. Led by a schizophrenic illusionist who called himself “Mystery” (and charged each of his protégés a $500 consulting fee), Strauss and his fellow pickup artists built a toxic subculture that preyed on women in […]

Think Like a Leader

Being a smart leader isn’t necessarily about training and knowledge. It’s about mindset: knowing how to apply the right cognitive lens to the situation at hand. High achievers have supple minds that move easily between different points of view. Ready to put on your thinking cap? Check out our Instaread on John C. Maxwell’s HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE […]

What are You Selling?

On some level, everyone works in sales—even people who don’t have a job. From stay-at-home parents to politicians, every adult role requires some element of a persuasion. If you haven’t yet given serious thought to what exactly you’re selling (and how to sell it better), you’re likely underperforming. Ready to step up and sharpen your sales […]

How to Assess Your Strengths

In today’s world, self-management is often driven by the data we collect from our devices. But long before there was the Apple Watch or Fitbit, there was Peter F. Drucker, a visionary thinker who wrote at the intersection of personal and professional development. MANAGING ONESELF distills some of his best advice on optimization. Here are two key […]

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