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Impossible is a State of Mind

The Olympics, which ended on Sunday, were a good reminder that elite athletes routinely perform extreme feats that most of us consider impossible.  Sure, their training schedules are intense. But researchers have found that mental state is just as important as physical ability and discipline to extreme athletes.  Think about it: today’s runners can beat a […]

Democracy is Out of Date

The American system is crumbling. But the situation isn’t hopeless. Like your old laptop, US systems and institutions simply need to be brought up to date—or, in some cases, replaced.  With an entrepreneur’s eye and his Silicon Valley sensibility, former presidential candidate Andrew Yang suggests a host of upgrades for the US government in the […]

Are Americans in Denial?

Bestselling author and psychologist Mary L. Trump is Donald Trump’s niece—and one of his most outspoken critics.  In her new book The Reckoning, Ms. Trump examines the societal traumas that have been imprinted on the American psyche. From the history of slavery and racism to her uncle’s presidency, society’s collective forgetting has corrupted the country. It […]

Why You Need to Push Yourself

The human body is constantly evolving. For most of us, modern life has removed the acute stress of threats like predators. Our bodies are no longer optimized for outrunning wooly mammoths. They’re more conditioned for activities like watching TV.  When there isn’t an urgent need for survival, our bodies store energy for later use. And […]

You’re Being Watched

Every second of every day, big companies are spying on you (and everyone else).  They know where you live, what you purchase, and who you care about. They know your address and your search engine history. And they’re getting better at influencing your behavior, based on what they know about your past. Unfortunately, it will […]

Trauma Leaves a Mark

Justin was just six years old when his grandmother died. Abandoned by his parents, the child was left to a cruel man who locked him in a cage with five dogs. Eventually, Justin was rescued, but his insensitive and ill-informed doctors weren’t able to treat his behavioral issues. Developmental psychologist Bruce D. Perry was the […]

Grit. Thrift. Merit. Pride.

These are four of the nine attributes you need to succeed in the United States. Let’s consider these characteristics carefully. Grit is the ability to rebuild yourself after you fail. If you work hard and never give up, you’ll be rewarded—eventually. Patience and persistence are key. Thrift is the wise management of resources. Everyone, including […]

Is There a Constitutional Crisis?

The foundational rights of citizens in the United States can only endure if Americans choose to protect and nurture the Constitution. This responsibility has been passed down between generations for hundreds of years. It has been considered sacred.  That is, until recently.  The problem is that civilizations do not always evolve. In fact, they often […]

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