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How to Overcome Embarrassment

Have you ever found yourself awake at night, reliving a conversation in which you said or did something weird?  A big chunk of adult life is feeling unconsciously stuck in the past, consumed by difficult experiences that we haven’t processed properly. Unfortunately, a bout of insomnia isn’t the time to work it out. The thing […]

How to Plot and Scheme

Common sense is like oxygen; the higher people rise, the less likely they are to find it. Put another way, powerful people have, historically, had a hard time keeping their aspirations in check.  You’ve heard the saying, “With great power comes great responsibility.” But with great power also comes the distinct possibility of making bad […]

Will AI Outsmart Us?

Artificial intelligence has changed a lot since it was invented in 1955. One of the biggest shifts happened in the 1990s, when neural networks were implemented. They allowed AIs to encode information or “learn” just like the human brain, absorbing data, gathering observations, and making inferences. Neural networks are the reason why AI image generators […]

When did China Begin?

Different cultures look at the world in different ways. Since world leaders think about issues of war, peace, and international order in different ways, understanding China’s long and fascinating history is critical to understanding global politics. The old Chinese dynasties inform the more modern history of Sino-American relations. An interesting thing to understand about China is […]

Leadership is Like Gardening

For the past few weeks, it seems like everyone has been discussing Elon Musk’s demanding leadership style and whether or not it will work at Twitter. But that style is not unique to him. For decades, management culture has celebrated a harsh and demanding leadership style that isn’t necessarily working. As it turns out, being […]

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