Does God Have Your Back?

It’s hard to imagine that a loving God would let people suffer. According to Christian author Lysa TerKeurst, if you ever find yourself in a difficult, heart-wrenching situation, you have only one job: to surrender to God’s plan. God always knows what he’s doing, even when we can’t perceive the plan. Each of us has […]

Focus on What You Have

Beliefs are very powerful. The Law of Attraction is a philosophy based on the idea that our life is shaped by thoughts. Positive thoughts bring positive experiences, and negative thoughts bring negative experiences. For every negative moment that you may encounter in life, you should have a positive response ready. For example, if you’re sick […]

Declutter Any Mess

You don’t need any new containers to get organized. In fact, you shouldn’t think of containers as organizers as all. Instead, think of them as devices to stop your clutter from spreading. Your home is itself a container—as are your closet shelves, your dresser drawers, and your kitchen cabinets. If you exceed the maximum number of […]

Rethink Everything

When was the last time you questioned your own beliefs? If you’re like most people, the answer is likely never. Most of us naturally hesitate at the very idea of rethinking our religion, political positions, or favorite sports teams. It’s difficult to grapple with new views, and even harder to part with old ones. Often […]

Make This One Change

If you want to change your situation, you must first change yourself. Are you a proactive person or a reactive person? The answer might dictate how much you accomplish in life. Proactivity is the first and most basic habit of a highly effective person. Proactivity means being responsible for your own life and frequently taking the […]

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