Who profits from pandemonium?

Are certain elites making a global effort to indoctrinate people by reprogramming their memory? Um…we hope not! Nevertheless, that is the frightening premise of Michael Nehls’s big bestseller, The Indoctrinated Brain. Our latest release takes a closer look at this controversial title.  Manipulation through Fear His theory goes something like this: people’s capacity for rational thought […]

Is Elon Musk great?

Have you ever wondered why Elon Musk has his hands in so many different industries? According to his biographer, Walter Isaacson, there’s a method to his madness. Early on, Musk identified the internet, sustainable energy, and space as the three areas of industry most critical to humanity’s future, and the rest has followed from there.  […]

Are you earning what you’re worth?

Earning what you’re worth isn’t just about working harder. It’s also about finding the right environment where your efforts are appreciated and compensated. As you imagine the possibilities for raising your net worth, try to think outside the box. Your next steps might surprise you! Choose Your Own Adventure Your career options aren’t necessarily limited […]

Are you tired of being broke?

Americans are drowning in debt, with more than 40 percent of people lacking savings. George Kamel’s plan has helped more than 10 million people with practical advice on buying cars and housing, establishing emergency funds, eliminating debt, and retiring. Are you next? You Need a Budget The good news about your personal finance is that […]

Free will is fake news

What if we told you that there’s no such thing as free will? That’s the premise of Stanford professor Robert M. Sapolsky’s latest bestseller, Determined. He says that all human behavior is down to biological and environmental factors, not personal choices. What does that mean for how we live our lives? Don’t Worry, Society Won’t Collapse […]

Should you try fasting?

Women often receive medical advice that overlooks their hormonal landscapes, which vary considerably from person to person. Problems with metabolic health are often dismissed as normal aspects of aging, but new research suggests that fasting might be the answer. What do you need to know? Metabolic Switching Switching between eating and fasting, known as “metabolic […]

How billionaires are ruining your life

Would you believe the world’s richest men aren’t interested in closing the wealth gap? Indeed, those guys need economic disparity in order to build out their fortunes, according to journalist Peter S. Goodman. Jeff Bezos, for example, built Amazon at the cost of workers’ rights and fair competition. The Real Enemy Foreign competition isn’t the number one […]

A peek inside Amazon’s coporate thunderdome

Kristi Coulter survived 12 years of the intense work culture at Amazon before she decided to call it quits. That included an overwhelming workload, complex office politics, and little to no time for her personal life. Our latest release examines her recent memoir. Pain vs. Discomfort Coulter learned something useful from a yoga instructor: there […]

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