Progress = Me + We

Ginni Rometty, the first woman to lead IBM, retired from the company in 2020 after almost 40 years of service. She learned a lot in her long career. With a focus on service and stewardship, Rometty has combined her personal story with leadership advice in Good Power, our latest Instaread. Harnessing Power A big problem is […]

Can TikTok fix your life?

Some influencers use their social media channels to sell makeup, supplements, or shapewear. Dr. Julie Smith has a higher purpose: she creates TikTok videos to make mental health education accessible to everyone. Her mission has earned her more than 4 million followers on that platform. In our latest Instaread, we look at her practical advice […]

Who’s afraid of who?

When you’re an ex-convict who’s desperate for a job, you’ll put up with anything. Even a live-in housekeeping role where your “bedroom” is a dark and dingy attic that locks from the outside. What could Millie Calloway do but accept the job? Plot Twist Millie’s new boss Nina Winchester supposedly has it all, but something […]

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