Why do people hate Ray Dalio?

In 2017, Ray Dalio wrote a hit autobiography about how he founded and led Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund. The book was enormously successful, but it also fed discontent behind the scenes between Dalio and his employees. Rob Copeland, a financial reporter for the New York Times, digs deep into Dalio’s secrets in our latest Instaread. […]

The consensus trap

We’ve all heard of urban myths. But are you familiar with collective illusions? They happen when a vocal minority misrepresents and misleads the majority’s opinions, and they’re very easy to buy into. How can we combat this common problem? Breaking the Spell Journalism has a role in breaking apart collective illusions, but it can also […]

Change your relationship to time

Have you ever seen one of those live baby eagle cams? During COVID-19 lockdowns, writer and artist Jenny Odell watched one and it inspired her to begin documenting changes in nature with photos taken from her window. She wasn’t alone; eBirds reported a 37 percent increase in birdwatchers posting observations in 2021. What did they learn? Bird […]

Learn to live with less

The hot bar at Whole Foods did not exist for most of human history. For the longest time, food was scarce and not particularly appetizing. Things changed when the global food system shifted to producing an overabundance of the good stuff. Problem is, evolution hasn’t caught up with the shift, and our brains are still […]

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