Wounds, Woods, and Warriors

Don’t look away. The conflict was brutal, and so is the story. Arnold Boleman’s novel retells a centuries-old tale of violence and politics that would eventually shape modern-day India. A deft blend of real history and fictional characters, Yalgaar looks at the life of India’s great warrior king, Shivaji, through the eyes of ordinary people. Terror and Upheaval  Hiroji is […]

Heir vs. Spare

Poor Prince Harry. It’s not easy being fifth in line to the throne. He and Meghan Markle made headlines when they defected to North America. Now in California, Harry recently released his tell-all memoir Spare to great fanfare. So what’s in it? The Royal Rumble Harry’s memoir is packed with petty grievances. (Apparently, Will and Kate were […]

Train Your Brain for the Future

Jane McGonigal is a forecaster who runs simulations that help people imagine what the future will be like. When you picture a potential threat in your mind’s eye, you can learn how to deal with it better when and if it arises. Today’s Instaread, Imaginable, will help you become more agile and resilient—and could even save your […]

The Dark Side of Startup Culture

Americans have been slow to recognize the threat of Big Tech, leaving us to hope that it’s not too late. In The Coming of Neo-Feudalism, urban futurist Joel Kotkin warns the global 99 percent of looming dangers ahead. Led by affluent tech giants, the new hierarchs of society are exerting a growing control over our lives […]

Who Runs The World?

The shifting balance of geopolitical power among nations depends on, well, power—the flow and supply of the energy sector, the role of renewables, and trends in climate-related politics.  You can trace tensions and alliances among countries all over the world with a close look at how energy flows. But be careful, because this “power map” […]

Can Humanity Save Itself?!

Happy New Year. Are you ready to save humanity? From nuclear annihilation to giant asteroids, there are so many threats in the world that it’s easy to lose track. In the coming centuries, humankind will be put to the test. Either we’ll take bold action to save the future of our species, or lose and […]

Is Progressive Education a Problem?

About 16,000 hours. That’s how long kids spend in elementary, middle, and high school in the United States.  In Battle for the American Mind, Fox News host Pete Hegseth argues that every aspect of the American high school experience is a product of so-called progressive education. In the U.S., ideas about white privilege and systemic racism […]

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