The Man Behind the Conspiracy Theories

Before he became the subject of all those strange conspiracy theories, George Soros was best known as an honest-to-goodness businessperson and international philanthropist. At age 91, he still has billions, but that’s not even the most interesting thing about him. He survived Nazi Germany before he ever became a student of economics.  His early brush […]

Inside the House of War

According to Islamic religious law, the world is made up of two parts: the house of Islam and the house of war.  This rule came in handy for non-Muslim rulers who lived in the time of the Ottoman Empire, which lasted for more than six centuries. As long as opponents accepted the Ottoman sultan as […]

The Dangers of Tracking Drug Lords

Mexican author and journalist Anabel Hernandez already knew that her government was corrupt. But a horrible family tragedy gave her the courage she needed to take her reporting to the next level. Outraged by authorities who told her that they would only investigate her father’s murder if her family paid a bribe, Hernandez redoubled her […]

Democracy is Out of Date

The American system is crumbling. But the situation isn’t hopeless. Like your old laptop, US systems and institutions simply need to be brought up to date—or, in some cases, replaced.  With an entrepreneur’s eye and his Silicon Valley sensibility, former presidential candidate Andrew Yang suggests a host of upgrades for the US government in the […]

Are Americans in Denial?

Bestselling author and psychologist Mary L. Trump is Donald Trump’s niece—and one of his most outspoken critics.  In her new book The Reckoning, Ms. Trump examines the societal traumas that have been imprinted on the American psyche. From the history of slavery and racism to her uncle’s presidency, society’s collective forgetting has corrupted the country. It […]

Grit. Thrift. Merit. Pride.

These are four of the nine attributes you need to succeed in the United States. Let’s consider these characteristics carefully. Grit is the ability to rebuild yourself after you fail. If you work hard and never give up, you’ll be rewarded—eventually. Patience and persistence are key. Thrift is the wise management of resources. Everyone, including […]

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