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How to play the long game

Dr. Benjamin Hardy says that it’s so hard to imagine yourself years down the road that your future self is basically a stranger. We have to adjust our mindsets to compensate for this quirk of human psychology. Our latest Instaread can help you bridge the gap between your envisioned future and your current reality.  Do […]

The history of easy money

Before there were coins or bills, there was interest. Creditors have been lending money (and before that, seeds and animals) since the eighth century BC. The Mesopotamians recorded their loans on clay tablets, not unlike your credit card companies or the bank that services your mortgage. The First Financial Crises We don’t know exactly when […]

Do you care about the future?

Human civilization is relatively young—and it could last for a very long time. If humanity manages to persist for millions of years, it means that those of us living today will be considered the ancients, living at the very beginning of history.  Choose Wisely Ask yourself, are you a good ancestor? Or the type whose […]

No one wants your advice

Let’s be real. How often in life do we receive good advice? And more specifically: how often do we receive good advice from our bosses or colleagues? Sure, it’s not unheard of—but it doesn’t happen often. Today’s Instaread looks at some good alternatives for the next time you’re tempted to offer guidance to someone who […]

How to close a deal

Good salespeople are trained, not born. In Secrets of a Master Closer, sales expert and entrepreneur Mike Kaplan provides valuable advice about how to make a sale in today’s world. Our latest Instaread takes a closer look. Yes, Yes, Yes You can pave the way to closing a sale with something called a Yes-Pattern. The Yes-Pattern […]

Alternate Realities

Even on a quick walk around your neighborhood, you’re surrounded by creatures who perceive the world in strange and amazing ways. Bees have blurry vision, but they see colors that humans can barely conceptualize. Spiders can “fly” using air currents that we can’t sense without special equipment. And dogs can divine the past, present, and […]

When Ignorance Ain’t Bliss

When did ignorance become a virtue in American politics? Comedian and satirist Andy Borowitz says that US media clearly favors politicians who are entertaining and extreme over classic qualities like intelligence and competence. In his latest book, Borowitz traces this disappointing heritage. The Guy Who Dumbed Everything Down Poor old Dan Quayle. No politician wants […]

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