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Cut Yourself Some Slack

Are you your own worst enemy? Your inner voice can be a harsh critic, comparing yourself to others and making you feel bad about yourself. When you beat up on yourself too often, it can have terrible long-term effects, sapping your happiness, self-confidence, and self-esteem.  To cut down on self-criticism, start by reflecting on past […]

Raise Your Emotional IQ

With war in the headlines (again), we’re reminded that, at its worst, modern life can feel gray and hopeless.  Hopelessness is an emotion that’s caused by difficult life events that are out of your control. But hope is an entirely different animal. In fact, hope isn’t an emotion at all. It’s a way of thinking.   […]

How to Mix Things Up

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are constantly harvesting your data in the name of improving their offerings. But did you know that, if you use their services frequently, they are also likely performing experiments on you? It’s all part of smart experimentation in the age of Big Data. Companies in the 21st century have learned […]

Self-help for Pessimists

Have you ever forgotten to pay your phone bill? Or been late for an important meeting? Or misplaced your wallet (or your keys, or your passport…again)? If you’re feeling disorganized and out of sorts, you’re definitely not alone. You need to ask yourself what’s wrong with your life, pinpoint the cause, and figure out how […]

Who is Out to Get You?

In nature, some predators are camouflaged to better hunt their prey. The coloration of owls blends in seamlessly with the trees where they perch, watchful for dinner on the ground below. Green snakes blend into the leafy trees of the rainforest, while brown snakes almost disappear in the dirt. Human predators are the same way. […]

Impossible is a State of Mind

The Olympics, which ended on Sunday, were a good reminder that elite athletes routinely perform extreme feats that most of us consider impossible.  Sure, their training schedules are intense. But researchers have found that mental state is just as important as physical ability and discipline to extreme athletes.  Think about it: today’s runners can beat a […]

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