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How To Sell Out

In business, there are two basic functions: making things and selling them. Being exceptional at the first does not necessarily guarantee success with the second. A lot of people with great products need to get better at pitching them. That’s where our latest Instaread comes in. The 3-Step Sales Cycle You can break down sales […]

Create. Develop. Dominate.

When you build a brand that’s synonymous for an entire product group, you become what’s known as a category king. For long-term success in the 21st century economy, you need to develop and dominate new product and service categories. The emerging field of category design can help you do it.  The Second-Place Advantage Category design […]

You’re More Creative Than You Think

Creativity isn’t just for artists; in fact, you can cultivate it just like you can learn a new language or instrument. Creative thinking can lead to new possibilities, greater courage, and persistence in overcoming obstacles. Cultivating this skill will increase your chances of performing well at work—and truly making a difference in the world. Practice […]

The Creator Who Was Almost Destroyed

Victory City was almost a posthumous novel. In August 2022, after more than 30 years of living under the threat of assassination, the novelist Salman Rushdie was viciously stabbed by an attacker at a public speaking event. Rushdie lost an eye and suffered from other injuries, but he survived to see his new novel get rave […]

Drop The Persona

It may seem strange that Joanna Gaines, one half of the husband-and-wife lifestyle brand Magnolia, used to struggle with hosting guests for dinners and parties. But it was the shameful truth: after having friends and family over to visit, Joanna felt drained, not happy or invigorated. How could she make her real life live up […]

Megathreat Creep

Nouriel Roubini has a pretty cool nickname for an economist. But “Dr. Doom,” as he’s known, doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the future, particularly since he predicted the 2008 economic collapse. His new book, Megathreats, is about how interconnected economic, technological, environmental, and political problems may be the end of society as we know it. Dr. […]

Choose Your Fighters

Building a great team is hard enough. But leaders also have to make sure that different teams within a given organization work well together. How can we guide interactions between teams to support a range of projects and goals? That’s the power of organizational design. One Team at a Time In software development, five to […]

Calling All Golf Fanatics

Sportswriter Rick Reilly loves golf. Like really, really loves it. In So Help Me Golf, his collection of fun facts and sparkling anecdotes, he writes about famous players, eccentric characters, and cool courses. We take a look at the highlights in our latest Instaread. The Hardest Working Guy in the Gig Economy One of the most […]

Why Do We Normalize Disease?

Chronic illness isn’t normal. But it is common in countries like the United States, which has rising rates of obesity, autoimmune disease, and mental health problems. A better way is possible. To build a better society, we have to take a long, hard look at why everyday life is making us so sick. Disrupting Disease Understanding […]

How Did We Get Here?

How does a cataclysmic event alter the world? It’s an interesting question to ponder as we watch the effects of COVID-19 continue to unfold. Recognizing that history doesn’t actually happen overnight, business prof Scott Galloway analyzes almost a century’s worth of crisis and change in the United States, including events like World War II and […]

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