Why is it so hard to focus?

Doomscrolling is bad for your soul. Now researchers know that it’s also bad for your attention span. The constant availability of browser tabs, apps, and social media platforms triggers our minds to jump from one topic to another. How can we reclaim our valuable cognitive resources? How to Find Peace The constant influx of emails, […]

9 steps to financial freedom

What’s your magic number? The best financial goal is to reach a point where you have enough money to live a peaceful and joyful life, instead of perpetually working to earn more. Our latest Instaread breaks down financial freedom into a nine-step program to save money with the aim of retiring early. Step 1: Analyze the […]

How to build business fast

The heart of any successful business is its marketing, not the quality of its product or service. A solid selling system is critical, but too many companies make it an afterthought. Our latest Instaread runs through a number of highly effective strategies for making sales the cornerstone of your money-making success. Educate the Customer One […]

Why your work should come second

Leisure time used to be a sign of status. But somewhere along the way, workers — especially Americans — started measuring success by investing more and more hours for more income. Research suggests that working less actually boosts productivity and creativity. How can we cut back? Work Less, Live More Josh Epperson is a 38-year-old […]

The science of timing things right ⏰

Every day, you make important decisions about when to schedule different activities. But some of these choices are so ingrained in habit that you may not even recognize them as subject to change. What if you could restack your schedule to best suit your patterns, proclivities, and quirks? It’s not just possible; it’s also easier than […]

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