What has Shaped You?

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s father used to tell her this piece of advice.  But she didn’t really understand what he meant until she got older. In college, she realized that Christian conservatism formed the basis of her worldview, which had been instilled in her by loving parents. When she left her hometown, […]

Democracy is Out of Date

The American system is crumbling. But the situation isn’t hopeless. Like your old laptop, US systems and institutions simply need to be brought up to date—or, in some cases, replaced.  With an entrepreneur’s eye and his Silicon Valley sensibility, former presidential candidate Andrew Yang suggests a host of upgrades for the US government in the […]

Canines in Combat

They’ve crept through the remote caves of Afghanistan and fought in active war zones all over the world. The US Navy’s canine workers are some of the military’s best protectors—and weapons.    Highly trained dogs have been especially important in covert operations with Navy SEALs. Dogs can sniff out improvised explosive devices and other bombs. They […]

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