Why projects fail

Home renovations are notorious for going over budget. But plenty of other endeavors — whether it’s construction or space exploration — have the same problem. Big projects are high-risk and high-cost by nature. How can we increase our odds of success? Shorten the Active Phase Projects that fail often suffer from extended durations, which heighten […]

Inside Sin City

Sin City is a place of eccentric characters, dirty secrets, and high drama. In our latest release, acclaimed author James Patterson and his co-writer Mark Seal delve into Las Vegas’s inner workings to offer a look into the lives of the people who make the city function. Errands & Escapades Everyone in Vegas has a […]

Hazing has gotten way worse

When young journalist Max Marshall began investigating a college fraternity in Charleston, South Carolina, he expected to uncover run-of-the-mill substance abuse and drug deals. Instead, he uncovered a murder — and a multimillion dollar drug operation. Exactly what is going on with the kids these days? Hell Week Consider the context these kids operate in, […]

Was January 6 a sequel?

Rachel Maddow has spent a lot of time discussing the events of January 6, 2021, on MSNBC. But that was not the first time that the United States has faced the threat of a coup. In her latest bestseller, Maddow rewinds to the 1930s and ’40s, when American fascists attempted to replace the US government […]

A hard look at the religious right

Has Christianity been hijacked by far-right conservatives? That’s the argument of journalist Tim Alberta, a Christian whose father was an evangelical pastor. Alberta says that the pursuit of power has overshadowed spiritual missions in many of these communities. His new book explores the conflict between authentic faith and political identity. Losing Ground  The term “evangelical” […]

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