What is Climatic Depression?

The climate problem has been building for a long time. Since 1880, the average global temperature has increased by around 1 degree Celsius. That may not sound like a lot, but the results over time will be catastrophic. This is not just an environmental problem, but also a financial and business problem. Researchers believe that […]

Will AI Help You Live Longer?

The field of health care has experienced expansive progress in the past decades. But at the same time, the practice of medicine has become increasingly dehumanized. Doctors have less time to spend with their patients, which means more misdiagnoses and other mistakes. On top of that, human practitioners are prone to error. There are around […]

Is Big Data Coming For You?

Welcome to the Big Data economy, where companies extract value from the study of how you behave online. The algorithms these companies use can be tools that help us google information or choose which show to binge on Netflix. But they can also perpetuate inequity and harm—and will divide the world if we allow them […]

Let’s Avoid the Robot Uprising

If we’ve learned one thing from movies and television, it’s that the robot uprising is going to be rough for us humans. Machines made of metal tend to have an advantage over old-fashioned flesh and blood. Who among us has time to meet an army of murderous computers on some apocalyptic battlefield? Don’t we already […]

The Dark Truth Behind AI

What is artificial intelligence? If you ask someone on the street, they might mention Apple’s Siri or Tesla’s cars. But the real answer is far more complicated. Examining the origins of AI and its pitfalls, writer and academic Kate Crawford wants people to know that the AI industry depends on cheap human labor to do […]

You’re Being Watched

Every second of every day, big companies are spying on you (and everyone else).  They know where you live, what you purchase, and who you care about. They know your address and your search engine history. And they’re getting better at influencing your behavior, based on what they know about your past. Unfortunately, it will […]

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

The universe is estimated to be 13.8 billion years old. So it’s understandable if, as puny humans, we think of ourselves as relatively inconsequential. Our physical bodies are very small compared to the vastness of the universe. The Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek has a different perspective. He points out that each individual contains about 10 […]

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