Who Runs The World?

The shifting balance of geopolitical power among nations depends on, well, power—the flow and supply of the energy sector, the role of renewables, and trends in climate-related politics.  You can trace tensions and alliances among countries all over the world with a close look at how energy flows. But be careful, because this “power map” […]

Can You Make The Jump?

We often talk about aging in terms of decline, both physically and with regard to our cognitive abilities. But there are some specific ways in which we naturally get smarter and more skillful over time.  Think of it as your second wind. Understanding, developing, and practicing these new strengths will be the key to your […]

Become a Better Storyteller

Every person, every business, and every product has a story that can be discovered, developed, and shared.  In meetings and presentations, we’re often focused on the numbers. But it’s much more effective to show rather than tell. Next time you talk about quality during a sales pitch, talk about a client who gave you a […]

Can Humanity Save Itself?!

Happy New Year. Are you ready to save humanity? From nuclear annihilation to giant asteroids, there are so many threats in the world that it’s easy to lose track. In the coming centuries, humankind will be put to the test. Either we’ll take bold action to save the future of our species, or lose and […]

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