Drop The Persona

It may seem strange that Joanna Gaines, one half of the husband-and-wife lifestyle brand Magnolia, used to struggle with hosting guests for dinners and parties. But it was the shameful truth: after having friends and family over to visit, Joanna felt drained, not happy or invigorated. How could she make her real life live up […]

Megathreat Creep

Nouriel Roubini has a pretty cool nickname for an economist. But “Dr. Doom,” as he’s known, doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the future, particularly since he predicted the 2008 economic collapse. His new book, Megathreats, is about how interconnected economic, technological, environmental, and political problems may be the end of society as we know it. Dr. […]

Choose Your Fighters

Building a great team is hard enough. But leaders also have to make sure that different teams within a given organization work well together. How can we guide interactions between teams to support a range of projects and goals? That’s the power of organizational design. One Team at a Time In software development, five to […]

Calling All Golf Fanatics

Sportswriter Rick Reilly loves golf. Like really, really loves it. In So Help Me Golf, his collection of fun facts and sparkling anecdotes, he writes about famous players, eccentric characters, and cool courses. We take a look at the highlights in our latest Instaread. The Hardest Working Guy in the Gig Economy One of the most […]

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