Engineered Happiness?

We’re living in an era when some of the wildest plots described in science fiction stories sound. . .well, a little too much like contemporary life. Take Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, for Instance. The book describes a future in which people are brainwashed to be happy by taking a drug called soma.  An Extremely Banned […]

The Answer To The Ultimate Question of Everything

New in the Instaread library: one of the most famous books in all of science fiction. Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy follows Arthur Dent’s improbable hitchhike across the galaxy with his alien friend Ford Prefect after the Earth’s destruction.  The Tour Begins Arthur’s journey takes him from the President of the Galaxy’s ship to a […]

Does AI Want To Kill Us?

With all the hype around Microsoft’s Sydney chatbot, which has been disturbing some in the tech world with her “dark thoughts,” there has been renewed interest in the question of what happens if and when artificial intelligence runs amok. Many readers are revisiting 2001: A Space Odyssey, the dark tale by Arthur C. Clarke. A classic of science […]

Wounds, Woods, and Warriors

Don’t look away. The conflict was brutal, and so is the story. Arnold Boleman’s novel retells a centuries-old tale of violence and politics that would eventually shape modern-day India. A deft blend of real history and fictional characters, Yalgaar looks at the life of India’s great warrior king, Shivaji, through the eyes of ordinary people. Terror and Upheaval  Hiroji is […]

Ready for a Road Trip?

The year is 1954. Emmett and Billy—two young brothers from Nebraska—are on a cross-country road trip with two other boys Emmett met in juvenile detention. The four set off for New York City, but the other boys are scammers who steal the car. Stranded but determined to track them down, Emmett and Billy embark on […]

Get More Out of What You Read

You don’t need a fancy degree to get the most out of your reading. But learning even a little bit more about literature will enhance every book you read for the rest of your life. Yes, even those paperbacks they sell at the airport.  Take the opening page of a novel. That first page—or even […]

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

In 1948, a striking black-and-white photograph ran in a newspaper. A group of small children sat under a sign: “4 children for sale.” Their mother cried into her hands in the background. The picture was taken in Chicago. Some claim it was staged. At least two of the children have come forward to say that […]

The Predator Inside

We each contain multitudes. Delving deep into the magic of old stories, Clarissa Pinkola Estés taps into the eternal wisdom of global fairy tales. She examines world literature and oral traditions in her bestselling book exploring feminine archetypes. “Wild women,” as Estés calls the characters from these stories, are a lot like wolves—instinctive, passionate, and filled with ageless […]

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